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Modern day Sigma Beta Rho has grown considerably since its inception. It has expanded from its roots in the East Coast with 40 recognized chapters and colonies that span the breadth of the nation. Through the efforts of our brothers and the reputation that precedes them, we have become the largest and most expansive fraternity of our kind in less than 15 years.

“I continue to be so impressed with your fraternity, its purpose, and its representatives!”
- Margie Bruszer, SOS Children’s Villages

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While it is true that fraternities recruit prospective members who share the common bond that is innate in the fraternity, the common bond Sigma Beta Rho brothers share is that we are all very different. Hailing from a myriad of countries and ethnicities, not to mention religions and socioeconomic classes, SigRho is a sort of cornucopia of culture. It is this diverse backdrop that attracts many students to rush and eventually join, as SigRho is one of the very few Greek organizations that is not homogeneous and actively encourages students (brothers and non-brothers alike) to attend cultural events on and off campus. In fact, Remembrance, the belief that one should not only appreciate one’s culture, but should celebrate and accept all cultures, is one of the fraternal virtues inherent in the organization.

SigRho wants its brothers to remember their roots, as it is vital to know where you’ve been in order to know where you’re going. Learning about the broad array of cultures to be found within and outside the organization is another important facet of the principle of Remembrance. Alleviating the stresses from the communities around us is another fundamental stone in SigRho’s foundation. It is our belief that we should give back to the community that does so much in terms of molding us by serving it in what ways we can.